Thursday, June 26, 2008

First there was a wall

This is what the Great Wall of Topeka looked like before we began painting in 2007. The total length of the wall, which spans three blocks, is close to 900 feet.

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fuelingstation said...

hey, dave ... i wanted to let you know i took pictures as well for our flickr account at TSCPL (topeka & shawnee co. pub. library). i'm the one who stopped by the other day when you were working (i work in the gallery at the library). i also went online for info and found everything i needed, including links for you and the project. i'll add this blog link now.

here's what i wrote yesterday:
TSCPL blog

and the pictures:
mural art in topeka

i look forward to helping paint tomorrow. let's hope it isn't blistering hot and humid.

heather kearns
sabatini gallery